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...Out of curiosity, how far along is Roar to Heaven in general? I know Session 1 has been uploaded to your site, but that was back in June. Is Session 2 still in the works, or what? I ask because it's a fun series from what I can see, and I want to see more. :)


It's 8 episodes in! You can find it on any podcast program. 

Thanks. :)

Just decided to purchase this, even though I've already purchased both the base game and Ashes to Ashes. I hope this still helps Roar to Heaven out - I've listened to Session 1 on your site, and am really looking forward to Session 2.

...On another note, I am utterly convinced that the Type-10 Hymnal is at least partly inspired by Tsukuyomi Shirabe from Symphogear, because a yo-yo could easily count as being connected to the unit by wire or cable. :)

Her and Carol, yeah.

...How could I have forgotten Carol?! That scene where she returns in XV and wipes the floor with the miniboss squad of the season without breaking a sweat (or moving an inch) is one of my favorite moments of the season!! :D

Though as much as I think Carol is a badass, I kinda see her influence more in the Type-9 than the Type-10.

is the Type-10 hymnal exclusive to this deal or is it purchasable with just Ashes to Ashes?

Type-10 and Type-11 were planned as backer exclusives, so for right now Type-10 is just available here.

...Type-11? There's another Hymnal Type out there?!?

It was a reward for Kickstarter backers



This is excellent on so many levels!

  • It's excellent to do this through itch,
  • it's excellent to get Ashes to Ashes
  • and it's excellent to get the Kusarigama!

*insert Bill and Ted Gif*

★★★★★ 5 Stars - would back again!