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Love, Hope, Rage

Ten months ago, there was an all-out attack on Facility Eight. The Fifth Dome fell into itself. The Pillars upholding the Dome’s safety fell one by one as the Shells were overwhelmed by wave after wave.

She had an idea. One of your comrades imagined that our psychic control over the Shells was just the beginning.

She launched a counterattack.

You were there, and you saw it. The way her Shell was consumed with a brilliant light, the way the Atrophage Drones around her collapsed into ash themselves, and the Drones further away stopped their attack to look at her.

You heard the way her voice echoed over the battlefield then, and felt the way it rattled your Shell so hard your real body was numb for days.

She seized control of the Atrophage. She commanded them to stop, and they obeyed her.

When you returned to our reality, she was gone.

Today, we call it the Paragon Ascent.

Welcome to Facility Eight

This is the playtest of Remarine, a psychological horror TTRPG built so that any GM can create an intense, meaningful, satisfying horror experience. More structured than a rules-light system like PBTA, Remarine offers prompts and mechanical encouragement to guide players into an experience that is satisfying both tactically and dramatically.  More rules-light than a wargame like D&D, Remarine makes mass-battle tactics easy - no map needed, perfect for remote play or streaming!

Fill out the Playtest Journal here!

Starcraft Meets Silent Hill

The Paragon, the best and brightest from ARC, has been subsumed into the enemy in an event called the Paragon Ascent.

Who she was, and what you remember about her, is up to your table to decide when you choose your Memories as part of character creation. Let the table build relationships with a powerful absent NPC with mechanics similar to For the Queen, then let them take over their own stories in her absence.

Now, this powerful psychic is fueling further attacks on your reality, and she knows you. 

The enemy knows you now. Powerful generals called Nemesis Units have appeared on the battlefield, mockeries of the player characters cobbled together from her precious memories of the people she loved, lived with, fought alongside.

Raise or Sting

The combat system in Remarine is dice-optional. Players can choose to roll for additional effects on their moves, but they never risk losing their action for unlucky rolls! Gone is the frustration of having a turn vanish because the dice decided everything failed - roll when you want to, face consequences if you want to, but never roll to decide what you're allowed to do.

Share the Fight

Not only is Remarine built to be easy even for first-time GMs, its structure shares the storytelling and scene-setting among the players, giving everyone the same amount of buy-in as Facility Eight comes together as a community. The GM guides the story and the Flood, but players choose their own Event Scenes to guide their progression, and contribute to one another's development to take the burden of world-building off the GM and share it as a table.

Playtest Edition

If you download this game and read it, please fill out a Playtest Journal!

Everyone who does will receive a download code for the full version PDF when it launches! And, if you playtest it on a podcast or stream and provide a link in the Playtest Journal, I'll mail you a copy of the planned physical edition when it's ready! Heck, I'll even sign it.


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