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Lead into Gold

You may have heard that the Great Work of the Alchemists is to turn lead into gold. That heretical scientists in dim laboratories pored over mysterious tomes and carried out mysterious experiments in the hopes of turning something cheap into something expensive – for money, nothing more.

This was a lie.

The truth is that we are the “lead”. We are soft, we are dull, and we are malleable. Humanity’s existence is heavy, so heavy, compared to the weightlessness of the infinite spheres.

The Great Work of the Alchemists was never money. It was – it is – the perfection of humanity itself. A way for us to shed our weak dullness and shine golden like the light of the stars. To throw aside the base cruelty, malice, and selfishness that holds us back from achieving peace and harmony.

We are the lead. We can become gold.

Before You Begin

This is a game with occult themes. If that makes you uncomfortable, this may not be the game for you, and that’s okay.

This game can get personal and introspective. If it gets too intense for you, please put the game down. Treasure your mental health.

If it would make you feel more comfortable, you can play this game on behalf of a fictional character, as a sort of characterization exercise. Play the game any way you like.

There have been occultists in the past who pursued perfection through eugenics. That cruelty is not permitted here. You are valid and valuable and important the way you are. This game is about looking our flaws in the face and making peace with them, not about “correcting” the things which make us different from others, or which make others different from us.

Preparing to Play

You will need:

  • A pen or pencil
  •  Something to write on, like a sheet of paper or nice journal
  •  A set of dominoes (You can also use domino cards, like the printable kind available at https://mr-matthew.itch.io/domino-cards)

Thanks to Speak the Sky for Dicier, and Matthew Gravelyn for the Domino Jam

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AuthorPeach Garden Games
TagsHorror, introspective, journaling, occult, Singleplayer, solo


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