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Welcome to Carta!

Think of this as a basic set of rules that you can use as a framework to build a solo TTRPG. We supply the rules and you supply the ideas!

Carta games, like our Into the Glacier and Apex Predator, are exploration games, but we're curious to see what else they can be! If you make a game using this system, please link it in the comments below or tag @CatlingGun on twitter so we can see what you've made!

The base idea is that players lay cards out in a grid , and then turn them over one at a time, exploring prompts and mechanics as they do. The game is a sort of boardgame / storygame hybrid, where players explore journaling prompts by physically moving their marker from card to card and looking up the results. It can have a definite goal, making it more boardgame-like, or it can be more nebulous and story-focused.

Carta was inspired by:

Let's Discover!

This SRD was built for stories about solitary discovery. GMless Multiplayer rules can definitely be added, but the default ruleset is a single-player one. You might want to tell stories about:

  • Exploring a classic-style dungeon in search of treasure
  • Wandering around a city and seeing the sights
  • Being pursued through a haunted mansion
  • Searching an alien planet for survivors
  • Just playing Monster Hunter, I guess. That's what I did.
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AuthorPeach Garden Games
Tagsjournaling, Singleplayer, solo, srd, toolkit, Tabletop role-playing game


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Development log


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I realized I never posted this here! You Enter This House Alone But You Are Not Alone now has a new layout and cover.


Hello! Thank you SO much for inventing this awesome system and making it so easy for everyone to use! I just finished my Solo RPG, Cyberborne: Neon Odyssey Through The Stars! It's a Cyberpunk space exploration solo rpg. Cyberborne is my first time making an RPG and I had so much fun. Check it out! 

Oh I'm so glad I could help you take that first step!!


I just published Magemouse using the Carta system! It's a game about little magic using mice exploring abandoned old wizard towers in search of crystals. Thank you for sharing your SRD with us all!

Ohhhh my goodness how sweet!


Hi! I made DREAMSCAPES:The sights you see which is an art prompt game where you travel through dreams and draw the scenes you see with colours that are chosen with the roll of a dice! Doesn't matter what your skill level in art is, you are free to interpret the sights you see on your dream journey :)

This was a fun game to make, I just might have an idea for another one in the future ;)

Thanks for creating Carta SRD!

Oh this sounds wonderful! I love a drawing game - what a cute concept!

Thanks! One Page Left, a game by M.Kirin was one of my inspirations for this game, and me being someone who likes to do different kinds of art stuff, this was kind of a no brainer ahahaha.

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The Kings Ghosts My hack is about playing as an aging king reminiscing on his life while being haunted by his ghosts and his past. Can you stay rooted in the present and make it to your chambers in time, or succumb to the ghosts in the walls?

thank you for making carta!


Oh wow that sounds so cool!!


No Map, No Plan is about a hapless thief (or thieves) attempting a heist with no idea of what they're getting into or how they're going to get out. Thanks for providing the lightning bolt of mechanical inspiration that got it going!


Yes yes YES YES


I just published a Carta game, Searching for the Little Camera! It's a journaling game about grief. Making it helped me get through the six month anniversary of my dad's passing. Thank you so much for this toolkit :)


I'm both sorry for your loss and so, so happy I could be of even small assistance. 

Used carta forThe Whimsy Collectors. It was a lot of fun to create.

Oh how wonderful! Thanks for showing me!


Published my carta game ^^ Into the Cave it was a lot of fun making it


making my own ttrpg and I found this! Imma just use this as inspo and make my own card set! Thanks for the idea!

Oh that sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see it!

Well I guess I have to show you the working version when I get it decently done!


I made a game about self reflection and discovery of identity by fusing this game with the Guided by The Sun system.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah!! I love that!


I did it, I made a Carta game about being noir detective who's stuck in a shifting city, Labyrinth of Night. Much love for this system! 


Hello! I am creating my own TTRPG with your system! It will be published in Brazillian Portuguese, but an English version will be done ASAP. Thank you so much for creating this system and disponibilizing it as open-source!

That's so exciting! Please let me know when it's available - I know some Portugese-speakers I'd love to share it with!

Sure, no problem! :)


Hi! Im in love with your system, Im actually creating my own ttrpg with the CartaSRD. Hope to get it finished soon and showing it to you ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm a big fan of your system, especially the physical exploration feature. Among all the journaling game mechanics I've experimented with, this really distinguishes itself, in addition to being super fun!

I've recently released Heart's Haunt, using your framework, and had a great time tweaking the numbers to achieve the desired difficulty level. A huge thanks for all the resources and guidance you provided! I'm already conceptualizing another game inspired by carta, with a focus on interdimensional travel, bearing a distinct Cronenberg-esque vibe. I hope that's alright with you? 

I just finished it, it's called Warp-Morph. Thank you for sharing such a fun system!


Why wouldn't it be?

I'm delighted that Carta is a stepping stone to the games you want to write! 

I'm having trouble downloading your RTF files for both your SRD files... what's going on?

Not sure - I just tested and it works fine on my end!

I'm using the itch.io app to download the things... I'm not seeing the items I thought I would download. Is that the problem?

Probably. Downloading books or other texts through the Itch.io app puts them in the same location as video games installed through the app, which is kind of awkward to access. You can still find them, but I prefer to download books from my browser so the files go into my normal Downloads folder instead.

Lovely system, though I’m curious as to the specifics of how you played Monster Hunter

That's in my game Apex Predator!


I made a little project using the system, I’d love some feedback if you have the time :)


How exciting! I can't wait!


This SRD is giving me a lot of inspiration, to say the least.

Just one question though, in both the definition of Survival Mode and Collect mode you mentioned when we should reduce or increase a resource.

You mention, "10 of the card", "15 of the cart" etc. but I don't know what that actually means. Can you explain or give examples?

Ah, sorry to be late replying!

What I mean is, of the prompts you've written, 10 of them should reduce the resource. They can be any cards you choose, but mathematically there should be around 10 cards chosen to do this.



I absolutely love that this SRD has prompts for your prompts! They're fantastic for brainstorming.


It's been a while since it came out (about three months or so) but I used the SRD to build another game: Open Road, this time being more about exploring and surviving a road trip rather than a computerized dungeon.


This is such a fun, flexible system!


I absolutely love this system and this srd, and I'm so excited to get started on my first game using it.

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Hi, I am developping a game based on CORE micro but using a story/mission/planet map made of cards as well.

I developped the game with a french deck in mind, and with other differences, before I found Carta, but your formalization was helpful in the redaction process, so it’s a bit of a grey zone.

What do you think about me linking to both Core micro and Carta SRD, with logo and all? The game is not ready, maybe you’d like to see a draft before you decide ?

You tell me what’s best for you.


I'm not picky about these things! I'm glad Carta helped you make your game. 

If you feel like it, a link would be lovely, but it's completely your call. Also I'd love to see it either way!

(1 edit) (+2)

Glad to see we’re on the same wavelength. Here’s the game version from 6 months ago, warts and all. I hope I’ll have something to show within two weeks or so, if Chomsky wants it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s7QlEuS0Gn8eo_j37VkNT4dZl0FzALnY/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=106453917561198488775&rtpof=true&sd=true

This looks so interesting! Can't wait to see what it grows into!


making a space themed game with it rn, will release soon!

Can't wait - make sure to let us know!


This is an amazing SRD and it allows to boost your creativity to make something your own!

5 Stars!


A really solid SRD with a great system that helped me make a game I'm really proud of! Give it a look and make your own super cool Carta game!