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This is my first time trying out a solo game of any kind. I consider myself very much a novice roleplayer and not a storyteller at all. This looked like it would be exactly the thing to ease me in and I was correct!

An excuse to pick up paper and pen and write words - glorious! 

A selection of beautifully written prompts to give you a general goal, a very easy to execute set up, and each card flip delighted me as I wrote of what I came across. 

My story isn't a work of art, but it fills my heart that I got to spend two hours writing a little story. Me and my beloved were blessed by the Snow Queen *and* I retrieved an Ice Dragon Feather as a wedding gift. 

Highly reccomend, great replay value, I look forward to returning to The Glacier! 


Into the Glacier is a fairy-tale-like game about traveling into the vast cold glacier, seeing the wonders and beauty around you, and searching for the reason you ventured out. 

This is the game that started the Carta system! You play by choosing 9-21 cards and laying them down in a grid on a table. Each turn you move your toke to a card, flip it over, and answer the corresponding prompts. 

You choose between one of the 4 reasons to venture forth into the snow. Each reason is accompanied by a short story that tells the legend of what you are searching for, but all the stories are very good!

I picked the Mountain Knight, a giant who swore an oath to protect the town from a meteor that will one day fall and crush the village, but has turned into stone over the long wait. You can find my playthrough Here


This game is absolutely DELIGHTFUL. With a set of polyhedral dice, a deck of cards, a journal, and the PDF pulled up, I was able to write a 2-page, 8-day journey of my character in under 45 minutes in a very warm summer sunroom, and yet get in the midset of a chilly glacier trek. I highly recommend you buy this tight solo game.


Into the Glacier is a solo journaling game where you explore the cold and desolate, yet not entirely uninhabited glacier. If the freezing cold doesn't kill you, you might find something magical here. Best played with a hot drink.


Coming back to tell you, this is worth picking up!

5 Stars!


I love that this game gives me four different stories to play. This is such a lovely idea!


You've created a really lovely game with a very imaginative setting. The scenarios are very detailed and truly spark the imagination. I have written a review of it at Goodreads, if you'd like to check it out.

Thanks so much for letting me know! And thanks for the lovely words of encouragement. <3 I'm glad you had a good time in the Glacier.

I didn't realize this was on Goodreads! Have added my review as well!